Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation


Garage door opener problems are common and might even occur regularly. Garage door openers do more than just allowing remote control of a door. They serve many other functions depending on the model and type you have and the features it carries. Garage door opener problems are common and when they occur, there’s need for repair by a reliable company.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Some garage door opener issues that often occurs call for the repair of a garage door opener include: failure of a remote or keypad to control the door, failure of the door to close all the way down or garage door reversing before hitting the floor.

Moreover, failure of the garage door to open completely, reversing of the garage door after hitting the floor, and failure of the motor to stop running after the door has been closed or opened are also indicative of a damaged garage door opener.With these possible issues and any other garage door opener problems, you need to call a professional garage door repair service provider so they can determine what the problem is and offer garage door opener repair services for you.

Sometimes, you might be required to change broken door parts if they aren’t working. Other times, only adjustments can be done on the door to have it in proper working condition.

You might also want to replace the entire garage door opener so you can upgrade to a better one, meaning you need the services of a reliable garage door opener repair company.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers are of three types: screw drive, belt drive and chain drive. The chain drive uses a chain to move the trolley that in turn moves the door up or down. These garage doors are reliable but can be a bit noisy.

The belt drive instead of having the chain uses a belt to move the trolley which makes them quieter and good for attached garages. The screw drive type rotates a threaded steel rod to move the trolley.

The screw drive type is also noisier than the belt drive but since it has less moving parts than the other types it requires little maintenance.

Garage door opener installation entails understanding the type of garage door that best suits your needs. Despite being different, garage door openers also come with many different features that increase the convenience of using the door.

You should discuss your needs with the technician so they can help you choose the right garage door opener to cater to your needs.

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