Broken Garage Springs Replacement Service

Replacement Service

A garage door is composed of many parts, but the springs are arguably the most important. They carry the weight of the door as it opens and closes. There are two types of garage door springs: the extension springs or torsion springs.

Extension springs are usually located above the tracks of the door on both sides. Torsion springs, on the other hand, are attached above the door at the center. Proper maintenance and care of the springs is crucial at ensuring that they can perform well and last long.

Broken garage springs are one of the most common problems people have to contend with. Since the springs have to carry a heavy garage door in use, they obviously undergo wear and tear, causing them to break.

However, broken garage springs replacement is possible so you do not have to live with a door that can cause harm to you. Professionals are able to safely and quickly replace garage springs so your garage is in perfect working order in a short while.

Broken Garage Springs Replacement

Garage door springs are usually under lots of tension and if they break, they can cause serious damage. This is why they have garage door safety cables attached to prevent them from causing damage when it snaps.

If you can see the springs, but no cables, call a professional to have them installed. Also, the springs are attached to brackets on the bottom of the garage door. These brackets are also under a lot of tension and should only be handled by a pro.

When the springs break, it is time to call for professional help to handle the broken garage springs replacement. The pro will not only replace the spring, but also look at the cables and brackets to ensure they are in good shape.

These parts also get worn out. Therefore, when the broken springs are under replacement, the brackets should also be replaced. You can easily diagnose your door to tell whether your springs are at the verge of failure so you can replace them before they break.

To tell if the springs are in perfect working condition, pull the emergency release cord of the door and manually move the door up and down a few times. Lift the door a few inches above the floor and let go. If the door stays put, your springs are okay but if the door moves down or slants in any way, the springs might be broken.

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